Raising kids can be a lot of work – and a lot of fun. Each day we get to make the choice whether we’re going to find the play in our day and laugh with our kids; or whether it will be a struggle.

My desire for myself, and my commitment to our Bob Books readers, is to make your child’s first steps into reading as playful as possible, full of humor, tenderness, bonding, and success.

With a few cheerful, funny rhymes, you are helping your child build the basics of reading, especially phonemic or phonologic awareness. Your child’s ability to hear the sounds in a word is important to beginning reading. Children who have well-developed phonologic awareness when they come to school have a head start making sense of 
how sounds and letters operate in print.

So have fun, enjoy your day and your family, play rhyming games with your kids, and share Bob Books Rhyming Words to give your kids a great start in reading. 


Rhyming Games

Ask your kids for a word,
It can be absurd, 
Funny is preferred!
What’s the best one you’ve heard?

Your kids will shout “Yay!”
So don’t delay
It will brighten their day,
What a great way to play.

Adding a rhyme,
Sharing your time,
Can make your heart chime.
You will find it sublime!