Lynn traveled recently to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she was a featured speaker at the Malaysia International Conference on English Language Teaching.  In her presentation to teachers from across the region, Lynn focused on Playfulness in Learning and how Bob Books encourage early success for young readers. 

Lynn explains," “Reading is supposed to be fun. Too often, early readers are given materials that are far too difficult and frustrating for beginning reading.  Bob Books are structured with humor, phonics and a commitment to building confidence so that children achieve early success with reading, that encourages positive behaviors toward learning.”

Lynn had the unique opportunity to visit schools and classrooms in Malaysia and spread the Bob Books message of Playfulness in Learning, while getting a first hand look at the types of curriculum and materials currently being used for English education.

“We all want our students to be successful, in our classrooms, and in life,” says Lynn. “Students come to school with a wide variety of skills and temperaments. Engaging the maximum number of students requires good materials, methodology, plus an engaging curriculum. By making learning interesting and motivating, you capture a wider range of students and their diversity of talents and interests.”

Lynn plans to continue her literacy work in Asia and is planning to speak at additional international English teaching conferences and schools throughout Asia in 2015.