Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words

Learn to read and sound out words in this phonics app adored by teachers! Our most popular app continues Bob Books’ commitment to bringing kids a satisfying, successful first reading experience, with easy first steps, wholesome values, phonics-based methodology, authentic hand-drawn illustrations, and engaging stories.

The game includes twelve scenes for a total of 32 words to read and spell using phonics. Four game levels provide increasing literacy challenges to preschoolers and kindergartners as they play. All of the content has been vetted by teachers and literacy experts.

I try to download games and movies to keep my granddaughter busy on long plane rides and wanted an educational app. She is just starting to learn to read and has the Bob Books reading sets - this app is perfect for her! It kept her busy during the plane ride and I was so proud of her when she was able to create words! – Didi R

"I like it!" That is exactly what my 5 year old said after being glued to this app for 20 minutes! He really enjoyed the games and loved seeing the pictures change from black and white to the bright colors. This is a terrific learning app!– faithngoodworks

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Bob Books Reading Magic 1 is based on our Set 1 Book collection. For even more early reading fun, check out Set 1: Beginning Readers.

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