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For general inquiries and feedback about using Bob Books products, please contact:
If you are a retail store interested in carrying Bob Books, our publisher will be happy to help you. Scholastic: 1-888-724-1872.
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For information on publicity, marketing or product reviews, please contact:
Contact the Author
To contact the author, Lynn Maslen Kertell, please email her at
Missing Books
From time to time, books are packaged incorrectly. If you purchased books through a retailer, first try to return or exchange the set(s) through them. If the retailer cannot help you, please call Scholastic's Customer Service line. They may be able to assist you with an exchange. They only exchange full sets, and cannot supply individual books. Scholastic's number: 1-800-724-6527, press 3 for catalog.

If you are missing a copy from a set which you are unable to exchange, please contact us at, as we have a limited stock of some titles available.

If you wish to purchase individual books for personal reasons, you may try checking online resellers like eBay, Abebooks, Amazon, Craigslist, or popular homeschool forums.
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