Are Bob Books leveled?

In 2012, Bob Books sets were assessed using the Lexile and Guided Reading leveling frameworks. Each book within a boxed set is leveled individually. The level range in each box is on each Book page on the web site. You can also download a PDF that shows the level for each individual book.

Are Bob Books available at Costco?

Through a special promotion, Bob Books Collections are available from time to time at Costco. The Collections series features a large format (8" x 8"). The packaging is slightly different, but the stories and illustrations are the same as the original Bob Books. Contact your local Costco to find out if Bob Books Collections are currently available.

Are Bob Books available in other languages?

Bob Books are only available in English at this time. If you are learning to read, write or speak English, you may particularly enjoy the Bob Books Listen and Read collection, as the enclosed CD will give you help with letter sounds and pronunciation. We do not have plans at this time to offer Bob Books in Spanish, French, German or any language other than English.

A book was missing from my set. Can you send me a replacement?

From time to time, books are packaged incorrectly. If you purchased Bob Books through a retailer, you should return or exchange the set(s) through the original seller. A set with a missing book is considered "damaged merchandise" and will be replaced. If the retailer cannot help you, call Scholastic's Customer Service line. They may be able to assist you with an exchange. They only exchange full sets, and cannot supply individual books. Scholastic's number: 1-800-724-6527, press 3 for catalog.

If you wish to purchase individual books, you may try checking online resellers like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or popular homeschool forums.

Are Bob Books available in larger font, format or size?

Bob Books Collections, available exclusively through Costco, are large format and large type. Contact your local Costco to find out if Bob Books are currently in stock.

Bob Books Listen and Read books are also in large format, and include a CD. The three Listen and Read books include all the material from Bob Books Set 1 - Beginning Readers. They are currently out of print, but are available though through some Amazon.com sellers.

Which stores carry Bob Books?

Bob Books are carried by many retailers, including:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Amazon.com
  • Many independent book stores
  • Occasionally Toys R Us and Wal-Mart

Visit our store to get started!

I have an old box of Bob Books with a different name. Does it correspond with any of the new sets?

When Bob Books were re-issued in 2006, we updated the packaging and added (very simple) color to the inside. The text and pictures have remained the same. View the Edition Chart to see how various editions of Bob Books are related.

I would like to create my own supplemental Bob Books materials to share with friends, teachers, blog readers, etc. Can I do that?

We love all the wonderful materials created by our Bob Books community. The Bob Books brand name, stories, illustrations and logo are copyrighted. If you would like to make Bob Books supplemental materials,  it is important to follow Bob Books branding standards. Download the Bob Books Blogger Kit to learn how to use our logo and colors. All branded supplemental Bob Books materials must be offered free of charge.

May I review Bob Books for my blog or publication?

Bob Books welcomes reviews from readers. We do not, however, pay for reviews. If you would like to receive materials to review free of charge, please contact info@BobBooks.com.

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