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Rhyming Words

Rhyming Words


By Lynn Maslen Kertell and Dana Sullivan

10 books, 12 pages each. 40 rhyming word puzzle cards

Three letter words in rhyming word families focus on consistent short vowel practice.

Rhyming make reading easier and more fun for kids that are just getting started. When rhyming words are included in a story, they make sounding out (decoding) easier. Kids have reading success sooner and faster, build confidence, and they have fun too. Bob Books Rhyming Words  is a great next step after Bob Books Set 1.


Inside the box you'll find:

1. 10 easy-to-read, hilarious small books, 12 pages each

2. With mostly two and three letter words, Bob Books Rhyming Words is suitable for the very beginning reader

3. Phonics based –  words can be sounded out

4. Our rhyming words have endings that are spelled the same (no rhyming kite with light)

5. Rhyming words are interspersed throughout, so the story is told in a conversational tone

6. 40 word-family puzzle cards for fun rhyming words games


Book title and rhyme ending (word family):

  • AN – Dan’s Plan
  • AM – Cam’s Snack
  • EN – The Hen in the Den
  • ED – The Red Sled
  • IP -  Drip, Drip, Drip
  • IN – Lin in the Bin
  • OG – The Dog in the Fog
  • OT – The Spot
  • UFF – In a Huff
  • UG – Bug and Pug

I'm in love. Wait is it silly to say that about beginning readers and curriculum for teaching your child to read? Oh forget it, ridiculous or not I love these little books!

Margaret Chind

Bob Books are great! I learned to read with Bob Books, and my now-5-year-old started reading when she was 4 because of Bob Books! The alphabet books are wonderful because they enforce the sounds of the letters!

scouts mom

Love Bob Books!  As a Kindergarten and preschool teacher, I look for simplicity for my students to be successful.  Bob Books are the perfect thing!

Christie B. Park (teacher)

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