Set 2: Advancing Beginners

By Bobby Lynn Maslen & John Maslen

The books in Bob Books Set 2 provide your new reader with more material at the beginning level. These twelve stories in three- and four-letter words will build confidence through practice. Simple text combined with slightly longer stories build reading stamina. Elements of humor and surprise keep children’s interest high.

Add Bob Books Set 2 to your collection for invaluable beginning reading practice. Reading this foundation set ensures children have mastered basic phonics before they advance to consonant blends.

Inside the box you’ll find:
  • 12 easy-to-read books, 16 pages each
  • Mostly two and three letter words (C-V-C words)
  • Can be "sounded out" (phonics based)
  • Limited sight words
  • 20 to 30 words per book


We have been educating at home since 1993... and one of the first "Jewels" we discovered were the Bob Books. It was hard to find beginner readers in the library that focused on all short-vowel sounds or that contained all three-letter words. These books quickly build self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment because they are short and easy to read. – S.M.
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Complete with full-color art and two sheets of stickers, the Bob Books: Emerging Readers Workbook is the perfect way to engage young readers, increase reading comprehension, and nurture pride and confidence in their reading skills.

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