Sight Words: Kindergarten

By Lynn Maslen Kertell

Sight words are common words that appear again and again in your children’s reading material. Knowing these words “by sight” is essential for reading fluency. This set provides more practice at the beginning reading level and introduces some of the most common easy sight words.

Our method makes the process of learning to recognize sight words very simple for the young reader. Consistent short vowels and simple stories mean children sound out (decode) the story, and must memorize only three sight words per book. With plenty of repetition and context clues, your young reader will quickly master early sight words with the Sight Words Kindergarten set.

Inside the box you’ll find:
  • 10 easy-to-read, hilarious small books, 12 pages each
  • All stories told in three and four letter words, plus sight words.
  • Consistent short vowels mean easy decoding in the rest of the story
  • Three new sight words introduced in each book
  • 30 two-sided, sight words flash cards


Both of my children have started reading before the age of 5 thanks to the Bob books. My Daughter just came home from pre-school one day and said I'm going to read our book today. I thought okay she'll tell me about the pictures. She really read a book. They told me she had been working with the Bob books at school. Of course I went out and bought the sets. My 5yr old Son has been working with them at home and is starting school with a good reading base. – note2u
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