Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas, blogger review

The Lil Divas have both had great success with these books at their own rates. It has become part of our nighttime routine to have them read to me a Bob Book each night after our mommy-led story time. The pride they feel after completing a book "on their own" is absolutely priceless! It has really sparked their desire to read and helped build their confidence.

Alex Gets Bob Books for Easter

My son Alex, who just turned five in December of 2010, was given the Bob Books first series collection in his Easter Basket. He has never attempted to read and I usually just read to him. We started on book 1 and in just a week he is literally reading on his own and is just about finished with the four red books and now ready to move to the green books in Set 1.

After the first three days of having this Bob Books series my son read two books to his entire pre-k class with no help with no problem. He did so well and the teacher was so excited she had him go to the office and read to the principal and counselor. Having a child with Autism and a daughter with learning challenges and both of them being in Title-One reading in the past, this is so exciting to have found such a great series to help aid my youngest child in the adventure of reading.



Mother of Three  Lynchburg, Virginia

Loving Through Literacy Uses Bob Books

Loving Through Literacy's "Books to the Bush" program was a huge success, with over 105 children showing up to participating in the reading program.

They also distributed Bob Books at the San Carlos Apache reservation.


    A Family Learned to Read with Bob Books

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the Bob Books to teach my children to read for many years. So far, 12 of the 15 are readers now. We have successfully launched (graduated) 6 of our 15 children – and they all grew up with the Bob. Bob Books were and are the highlight of their Kindergarten year.

    Mom of Many Blessings

    Son Starts Reading at 3 & 1/2 Years Old with Bob Books

    I am a mother of three young boys and a big fan of yours (I've got 1-5). My first two boys are fantastic readers, and my youngest just started reading at 3 and a half. I recently wrote a blog post about it and posted a brief video of his first attempt at reading (Bob Books, of course!); if you are interested in checking it out. Here is the link.

    Thanks for all you do! 


    Veronica Loves to Read with Bob Books

    Our family loves Bob Books! This video shows our four-year old daughter reading the first book, "Mat." As you can see, she has a real enthusiasm for the book; I think she enjoys this series so much because of the sense of fun and humor all Bob Books contain. We love seeing her self-esteem and confidence blossom from that sense of accomplishment she gets when she reads the whole book all by herself. Watching her read has been one of the greatest joys I've experienced so far as a parent and for that I thank you Bob Books! I would recommend these books to anyone who has a young child that has shown signs of reading readiness -- your child will amaze you with how quickly they can go from being a guided reader to reading all by themselves. Bob Books have been a fantastic starting point for our daughter as each book builds on the next, developing her skill as a reader step by step. These are simple readers with great pictures and a funny storyline that really engages our daughter. Bob Books really do make learning to read seem easy and fun!

    Martha B  San Diego, CA

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